AWV Architectural Products Catalog


Project objective:


After rebranding AWV and establishing new brand guidelines, I created a new cohesive catalog for their architectural products. Working closely with their top level engineers, I updated all technical specs, CAD drawings, and testing information/ official certifications for the respective products to ensure consistency and accuracy. They wanted customers to have all the most important information so if they knew what specs they needed for their project they could be ready to order when reaching out to their project management representative. They also needed to understand the breadth of custom engineering possibilities to know that AWV was also capable of custom engineering and producing a completely custom architectural solution, if desired. The new catalog had a more modern, visually interesting design to appeal to architects, building engineers, and other customers within their architectural market while being in sync with the other AWV family of brands literature.


Final deliverables:

Architects, architectural buyers, construction/building supply buyers, project managers. Typically adults ages 22 through retirement age, but most often the older age range. ​

8.5"x11" Offset press printed and saddle stitched by Homewood Press, LLC in Toledo, Ohio. I also oversaw the print production process, from initial proofs to conducting final press checks on-site for the first run to ensure brand color accuracy with CMYK printing. 8.5" X 11" Letter size, saddle stitched product catalog. Paperweights: 80# semi gloss cover, 80# text. 30,000 copies offset press. Printed by Homewood Press, Toledo Ohio.
Digital PDF for a downloadable resource on their website.

Behind the scenes...Checking the press proof