Straylia – Brand Identity Design & Product Design


Project objective:

Straylia California

Create a cohesive brand identity and product designs for athletic wear company, Straylia California.


Final deliverables:

Older teens - younger adults (approx 16-30s) interested in / or who participate in athletics and extreme outdoor sports. Surfers, skiers, hikers, weight lifters, bodybuilders, base jumpers, etc. Hobbyists - semi-pro athletes.

Brand Identity, logo files & formats, ad graphics, product/apparel designs.

A square image with 9 pieces of art, including logos and art for appearal design, that were created for Straylia California.

Tanks, Tees, & Hats

Three photos make up a square image. The left half of the photo features a male model wearing a Straylia tank top and hat leaning against a wood wall. The right side of the photo features two images, one of a female model with long blond hair wearing a maroon long sleeve Straylia tee. The bottom right features a straylia hat held out in front of rocky cliffs at the California coastline. All three apparel items feature art designed by Pink Glasses for Straylia.

Tanks, Tees, Hats, & branded phone background

Sale ads & Bumper Stickers

A square collage photo featuring three sale ads and four bumper stickers designed by Pink Glasses for Straylia.